Ulysses was an ENGL 7340 course offering in the Spring of 2009 taught by Beth Newman

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A study of Joyce’s iconic, monumental, encyclopedic novel, published in 1922, about a single day in the lives primarily of two Dublin citizens on June 16, 1904. We will prepare by reading and discussing Dubliners and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, but we will spend most of our sessions on Ulysses itself. Our main task will be to read the novel—with attention to its moving human stories, its experimental modes of representation, and its exuberant linguistic virtuosity and play. But we will also place the novel in such critical and historical contexts of turn-of-the-century Dublin; English colonialism; Jewishness and European anti-Semitism; reception and canon formation; influential critical approaches (above all, feminist, post-structuralist, psychoanalytic, and post-colonial).

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