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SMU-in-Taos 2009--colloquially known as English Camp 2009--will be a week-long summer seminar at SMU's campus in Taos, New Mexico. This year's SMU-in-Taos program will take place during the week of July 20-27.

Recent articles about the English-in-Taos experience:

  • "Taos: Three Snapshots," by Kayla Walker Edin, member of 2013 cohort. [[1]]
  • "English Department Announces Graduate Seminar in Taos," by Austin Johnson, member of 2013 cohort.


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The 2009 summer seminar at SMU-in-Taos will focus on digital humanities and will cover such topics as electronic editing and archives, ebooks and the future of reading, new media, Web 2.0, born-digital documents, virtual worlds and games, and the relation of digital humanities to the Literary Profession. The seminar will be taught by guest instructor, Prof. Matthew Kirschenbaum, of the University of Maryland. Kirschenbaum anticipates some hands-on work, but he conceives of the week's study primarily as a non-technical, discussion-oriented introduction to the major issues and ideas at work in digital humanities.

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