Below is a complete list of courses that the English Department at SMU offers for graduate study. The proseminars and seminars have general titles. The specific titles of these courses varies from year to year depending on student interest and professor availability.

6000 Level Courses Edit

Introductory Courses Edit

  • 6301, 6302 Directed Studies. Tutorial readings in an area of the student’s choice, to be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the instructor, up to a maximum of 6 credits toward the Ph.D.
  • 6310 Advanced Literary Studies. Readings and practice in research methods and materials, bibliography and textual editing, and the history and practices of the profession. Required of all doctoral candidates.
  • 6313 Rhetorical Theory: Studies in rhetoric from classical Greece through current rhetorical theory.

Proseminars Edit

  • 6320 Medieval Literature. Studies in Anglo-Saxon and British writers and literary-cultural history through c. 1500.
  • 6345 American Literature in the Age of Revolutions. Studies in major American writers and literary-cultural history from c. 1750 – 1900.
  • 6370 African American Literature. Studies in African American literary-cultural history from Colonial to Contemporary.
  • 6373 Hispanic American Literature. Studies in Hispanic American literary and cultural history from Colonial to Contemporary.
  • 6375 Sex, Gender, and Literature. Studies of the constructions of sexuality and gender in literature and culture, informed by historical study and current theoretical work in such fields as feminism, gender studies, and queer theory.
  • 6380 History of Print Culture. A literary historical survey of major developments, issues, formations, and institutions in British and/or American print culture.

Creative Writing Edit

  • 6391 Poetry Writing Workshop.
  • 6392 Fiction Writing Workshop.
  • 6394, 6395 Graduate Independent Study in Poetry Writing.
  • 6396, 6397 Graduate Independent Study in Fiction Writing.

Masters Thesis Edit

  • 6398, 6399 MA Thesis.

7000 Level Courses Edit

Seminars Edit

  • 7311 Seminar in Literary Theory.
  • 7370 Seminar in Minority Literature.
  • 7372 Seminar in Transatlantic Literature.
  • 7374 Problems in Literary History.

Directed Reading Edit

  • 7398, 7399 Directed Readings.

Dissertation Edit

  • 8398, 8399 Dissertation.