This fun little informal collective will attempt to read through as much Agamben and Badiou (and whoever else seems useful) as possible this summer. Hopefully, this group will continue beyond its seasonal bounds and develop into a full-scale Theory reading group.


Reading List Edit

This is a sketch of the direction we would like for this group:

  • we will be reading a number of essays by Badiou (primarily from Infinite Thought)
  • we will also be reading some Agamben essays (primarily from Potentialities...and maybe some on Freud and Marx from Stanzas)

Reading Schedule Edit

The following schedule is tentative and subject to change with at least one week's notice.

Thursday, June 4:

  • Agamben's "The Thing Itself"

Thursday, June 11:

  • Badiou's "Philosophy and Desire"

Thursday, June 18:

  • Badiou's "Philosophy and Truth"

Thursday, June 25

Thursday, July 2:

Thursday, July 9:

  • Benjamin's "Theses on the Philosophy of History"

Thursday, July 16:

  • Agamben's "The Messiah and the Sovereign: The Problem of Law in Walter Benjamin"

Thursday, July 30:

  • Agamben's "On Potentiality"

Links Edit

Here are the links to two additional articles:

  1. Excerpt of an essay commenting on the "15 Theses on Contemporary Art"
  2. On the Truth-Process